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Emergency Management (1 of 8)

News alert! There is a deadly virus that is bringing people back to life!!! The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us!!! What do we do? We throw our hands up in the air and run around in circle screaming!!!!! No wait I have “prepped” for this; I have food stored, ammo stashes, fuel and water stockpiled. […]

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Photo:  Brandon Jacobs

1 degree; Wilderness Fire Starting Considerations

NEXT TO KNOWING HOW TO DRESS WELL, FIRE IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT BUSH SKILLS THERE ARE, BECAUSE IT IS ONE OF THE FEW MEANS AVAILABLE TO MAKE UP MOST GREAT DEFICIENCIES. Master Woodsman Mors Kochanski’s excellent quote above sums it up.  Next to knowing how to dress well (reducing heat loss), fire is […]

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Cody Lundin

Survival Entertainment, Friend or Foe? An exclusive interview with Cody Lundin

An opportunity recently presented itself to ask Dual Survival’s Cody Lundin for a formal interview of which he graciously accepted. Lundin is a professional survival instructor with over 25 years of experience. He has also worked within the television industry since the 1990’s both behind and in front of the camera. I hoped to learn more about […]

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Bottom soles of a pair of my huaraches.  Note the wear towards the front and not the heel.  I have always walked in these, not run.


I had a question on my personal YouTube channel about acclimating your feet to huaraches. So I am here to give you the good, the bad, and the ugly. If you are not familiar with Huaraches, they are the (tire) sandals of the Taramurhara Indians of northern Mexico. It’s also worth noting other cultures from around […]

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Yes, that's me 20+ years ago.

Natural Insect Repellents

I was in my early twenties the last time I used manmade insect repellent. I hated what DEET did to my gear, especially plastic. And one can’t help wonder what it was doing to me! At that time in the eighties, I was really into hunting and fishing. Luckily those bug jackets that hold the netting […]

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Front view of debris shelter before being stuffed with leaves and door.

Suggested Outdoor Skills To Learn First…

When it comes to Outdoor Living Skills, I’ve heard it asked many times over the years… “what should I learn first?” It needs to be stated at the beginning of this article that our society is more fast paced than ever. And while the extraordinary amount of information that is so readily available is fantastic, […]

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Water Filtration Using Plant Xylem

In the continuing search for potable water solutions in developing countries, researchers have turned to plant xylem.  Below are the highlights of the just published research paper on this solution.  I strongly suggest you read the entire paper if this is of interest to you (link below).  If you are in the Cliffs Notes fan […]

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"Vortex" fire lay with chestnut logs.

Traditional Skills for the Modern Outdoorsman by Thomas Ray

Disclaimer: Although most of us here mix modern and traditional skills all the time, this article is aimed mainly at the individual with little or no knowledge regarding the use of traditional skills in conjunction with modern gear in the outdoors. Hopefully it will be helpful to those outdoor persons who happen across this site […]

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The Super Shelter

There has been a lot of interest in The Super Shelter with recent YouTube videos and articles from others. While you may pick up a tip or trick here and there from YouTube and posts (this article included), getting instruction in the field and doing it yourself are going to be your best teachers. To add […]

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Weather Wisdom

“In God we trust, everyone else bring data” As humans in our current society, our lives are very much data driven, everything backed up by science. There was a time however, when man had to rely purely on observation and what today we call folklore. Well that folklore is based on something, and it can be […]

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Close-up of the modified toggle for the Paiute Deadfall.  Click to englarge.

Modified Paiute Deadfall

Because it is such a quick trigger mechanism, you will find significant information on the Paiute Deadfall in ‘survival’ books and on the web.  At Rabbitstick this year I saw a modification that was new to me.  This mod makes it easier to set and I see no loss in speed.  Here is how you do […]

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Primitive Survival Skills in the 21st Century by Mark Warren (6 of 6)

Primitive Survival Skills in the 21st Century by Mark Warren (6 of 6)

PRIMITIVE SURVIVAL SKILLS 6 In case you missed Parts 1 thru 5: Primitive Survival Skills 1 Primitive Survival Skills 2 Primitive Survival Skills 3 Primitive Survival Skills 4 Primitive Survival Skills 5 Purity ~ your second-most immediate need in a survival situation ~ Can you name the three physical intakes – in their order of […]

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Mors Kochanski on Pots

Mors Kochanski on Pots

The video below came out from Karamat Wilderness Ways on YouTube today.  In 12 short minutes, Mors Kochanski reviewed several pots covering benefits, uses and more… Would have loved to hear more about the Roman Legionnaires.  Mors is a huge student of history adding pieces of lost knowledge he finds to his instruction.  A true blessing […]

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Winter; An Ecological Handbook (book review)

Winter; An Ecological Handbook (book review)

With cool temperatures descending upon us and winter around the corner, I have a book suggestion for you.  Winter; An Ecological Handbook by Dr. James Halfpenny and Roy Ozanne. In a nutshell, the book is an overview about the current knowledge of winter.  Think college text on ecology – you’ve been warned. However, for the […]

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Harvesting the inner bark of White Pine for food and/or medicine of which participants got a sample.

Primitive Survival Skills in the 21st Century by Mark Warren (5 of 6)

If you missed Parts 1 thru 4, start right HERE. The Lost Instinct of Knowing What to Eat ~ edibles in the wild ~ Have you ever heard that old adage: watch what the animals eat and you’ll know what to eat, too? Well, forget it. It’s simply not true. The fact is that there was […]

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George scanning the water’s edge for signs of activity. No matter how good your set is, you’ll never catch anything if there are no animals in the area you are trapping.

Trapping with George Michaud

Trapping has a long history in this nation. It was not only a way of life for most; it was also a necessity in terms of procuring meat to make it through long journeys. It is safe to say that for most people nowadays trapping is only something heard about and most don’t really understand […]

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Primitive Survival Skills in the 21st Century by Mark Warren (4 of 6)

If you missed Part 1, 2, or 3 start right HERE. A Light in the Forest ~ seeking the company of Fire ~ On the list of what to do in an emergency wilderness survival situation, building a fire is often assigned a low priority by survival experts. Here in the Southern Appalachians, two factors have […]

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George Michaud's kit "on the table."  Pistol, Large Custom Fixed Blade, Leather Pouch all on a leather belt so its with him always when trapping.

George Michaud’s Survival Kit by Brandon Jacobs

It’s no secret that spending any amount of time in the woods requires some gear, whether it’s for an intended task or just there in case of an emergency. George’s time in the outdoors is no exception. Running a trapline in the Teton Mountains requires a certain amount of gear to spend any length of […]

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Photo 3 - cairn

Instinctive Navigation: Keeping the ‘Dead’ out of Dead Reckoning by Patrick Farneman

As a child it amazed me the way my father could navigate in the woods.  It also amazed me that he could go the whole day without having to go to the bathroom, but that is another story!  We could head out on a trip, whether for a few hours or a few days, with […]

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Two years later the branch has healed over from where I harvested the inner bark in the video.  Do it ethically and with some forethought to minimize impact.

Trees You Should Know…

Willow Haven Outdoor has a great article posted on their website, 6 Trees Every Survivalist Should Know & Why. Here is their list, you’ll have to go their site for the why: White birch (paper birch) American Basswood White Pine White Oak Sugar Maple Willow Tree To supplement Creek Stewart’s article, here is a video […]

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Survivorman’s Secrets of Survival – a couple observations and a tangent on priorities

Survivorman’s Secrets of Survival T.V. show by Les Stroud caught my attention yesterday when I saw several bloggers posting about the first episode, Fire.  Why it caught my attention is several fold.  One, I have the deepest and utmost respect for this sacred element and know what it means for a woodsman.  And two, with Les […]

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Jack Jugarie from The Human Race (Photo: Halls Creek Tourism, link in article)

The Human Race

The Human Race video below popped up on an internet forum earlier this week.  Many years ago I had seen this documentary about three gentlemen with different backgrounds making a 300+ mile race by foot across the Australian Outback with what they can carry.  Specifically, a German Survivalist in his early 60’s, an American marathon […]

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Utili-key is a great firesteel scraper.  Click to enlarge.

Swiss+Tech Utili-Key for EDC Firesteel Scraper (video update)

I have been carrying the Swiss Tech Utili-key for at least six years on my key ring.  It has a serrated knife edge, plain knife edge, eyeglass flat screwdriver, larger flat screw driver, bottle opener and phillips screwdriver engineered to the size of key.  Very handy to say the least. And when I say I […]

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Training applied in the field.  Magnesium scraped into the bill of a hat then put into a tinder bundle for fire as the sun is setting.  All we had was our knives and the one mag bar with striking insert to create a heat source suitable for a Northern Arizona Winter night that went down to the mid-teens..

My Survival Kit® is a resource of information with a focus on skills, not gear.  In keeping with that premise, I want to share with you not just what I carry in my survival kit, but more importantly, the rationale behind what I carry and how I would use it. Therefore, let me also present to you […]

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An Axe Lesson and August Classes from Jack Mountain Bushcraft School

I was just checking out Tim Smith’s blog and saw he had some classes in New Hampshire this August.  Even though I will be traveling through the northeast later this month for work, I will unfortunately miss the opportunity.  If you live close by, you should definitely checkout Jack Mountain Bushcraft School. Here is their […]

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