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Traditional Pocket Knife Types: (top) Trapper, (left to right) Congress, Canoe, Scout/Camper, Barlow, Peanut, Stockman, Muskrat

Why Carry A Knife?

A knifeless man is a lifeless manOld Nordic proverb So why carry a knife? I would argue there are three primary reasons for carrying a knife at all times: The simple need of a tool to separate matter; whether it be for one’s livelihood (agriculture, construction, etc.) or in the course of everyday living from […]

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Why the GBS with Kochanski and Wescott

Two great conversations about the upcoming Global Bushcraft Symposium which will be hosted in Alberta, Canada June 10 – 14. The first conversation is a podcast with Mors Kochanski and Jonathan McArthur hosted by Paul Kirtley. Please see the link found HERE for the podcast. The second is a YouTube video with David Wescott hosted […]

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Global Bushcraft Symposium, June 2019

A small group of organizers has slowly but surely been putting together a Global Bushcraft Symposium (GBS) scheduled for June 2019 in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. While the website (linked at bottom) offers specific information on the location, initial itinerary, more than a dozen themed camps, as well as a frequently updated list […]

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Firebug – A Survival Music Video :-)

Big thank you to my Global Bushcraft Symposium partner in crime Dale Kiselyk, owner of Nature Alive Adventures, for putting this fantastic video together!

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Lt. Col. Russ Meades and Mors Kochanski with his wife, Diana

Mors Kochanski, awarded Honorary Canadian Ranger

This past summer, Wilderness Living Skills/Survival Instructor and Author Mors Kochanski received one of the highest awards in Canada, Honorary Canadian Ranger into the 4th Canadian Ranger Patrol Group. The other people to receive this are the Duke and Duchess of York along with Former Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper. For over 40 years Mors […]

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The Bushcraft Journal is FREE

Great magazine yours truly has been reading since first edition back in 2015 is now Free. Click on the image below for link to sign up page…

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Horace Kephart


​ FEATURING:  ACORN PATROL CLASSIC CAMPING DEMONSTRATION TEAM Where: Lakemont, GA Schedule of Events: Friday May 26, 2017  6pm – Let’s Talk Kephart Around the Campfire (bring chair/blanket, etc) Music with Bill Mize Saturday May 27, 2017  9am Gate opens Speakers & Demonstrations throughout the day TBA 7:30pm Georgia premiere of documentary An American Legend: Horace Kephart […]

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Readymade Woods Whistles

While enjoying some much needed alone time this past weekend in the Chattahoochee National Forest, I was cutting through a stretch of woods with tulip tree, white pine, hickory, and oak. As I usually do, I picked up a large acorn cap for a whistle. Even though it’s been decades since my mother taught me […]

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Mors as he stands for a cover shot, presenting his Bush Knots DVD, showcasing the most common and useful knots based on solid field experience.

Bushcraft Legend: Meet The Practical & Profound Wildwood Professor, MORS KOCHANSKI

The internationally-followed, godfather of modern bushcraft — Master Woodsman Mors Kochanski! by Christian Noble & Joe Flowers In the modern era, there are only a handful of men who have significantly contributed to the pursuit and furthering of research, education, and scholarship of wilderness living skills and modern survival. Within that circle there exists a […]

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Rabbitstick, you don’t know what you’re missing…

If you know me personally, or have been reading my stuff here and elsewhere, you know I push the Rabbitstick event that takes place in southeast Idaho every September (see my complete post on it here from 2013). So why am I such a big fan? Because it’s a great place to learn and the fellowship […]

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Rabbitstick 29 – Plan Now!

Registration is open!  CLICK HERE!   Need more information about the Rabbitstick staff and instructors? Sign up for monthly email notifications that will inform you of classes being given by these great instructors during all times of the year and in different parts of the country. This is how it works, click the “Sign Me Up” […]

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Main cabin fireplace at the Camp-Fire Club.

Celebration of Life for Steve Watts 7/24


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“Mors tells the best stories…” (pic heavy)

My son Duncan and I took a holiday to Canada this summer. The last half of our trip was full of adventure in Jasper, Banff, and Yoho National Parks. We visited Jasper Lake, Medicine Lake, Maligne Canyon, Maligne Lake, Lake Louise, took a dip in Banff Upper Hot Springs, drove the Icefields Parkway, and were […]

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How to Prevent Mosquito Bites

I‘m sure everyone who loves being outdoors has experienced them – itchy mosquito bites. Flying critters harass you when you want to relax in your garden or during a vacation in exotic countries. I had my fair share of insect bites and was fed up. I needed a method to prevent them. Some years ago […]

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Encourage Children to Experience the Outdoors with an Amazing Camping Adventure

by Melissa Lang Experiencing time getting to grips with nature has a unique experience on our wellbeing. Of course, this is due to the physical aspect of hiking, playing and general exercise that we enjoy when spending time outdoors, the flood of endorphins that are triggered by physical exertion can’t be matched, but something else […]

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Glamping: You Might as Well Stay Home

by Nick Cesare Lately I’ve heard some talk among my friends about this new trend in outdoor activity called glamping. The term is a portmanteau of “glamour” and “camping” that pretty much is what it sounds like: camping in glamourous or up-scale conditions. Although the term is fairly recent, the roots of glamping stretch far […]

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SOAP Note app (Wilderness Medicine)

If you’ve had training in Wilderness Medicine, you likely learned how to do a SOAP Note for assessing a patient’s condition; this note being critical information for you as well as the higher standard of care of a physician once the patient reaches civilization. For those that have not had medical training yet, SOAP is an acronym for […]

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Geocaching: Merging Tech and the Outdoors

Geocaching: Merging Tech and the Outdoors

by Dayton Pushing my ten year old uncle to spend even an hour outside is an ordeal. He clings to the computer like a security blanket, only it cannot be carried around from place to place. Instead, he remains with it, basking in the blue artificial light, a poor substitute for the sun. Over a […]

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Horace Kephart

Horace Kephart Days; May 20 & 21

Horace Kephart Days 2016 Friday, May 20th (1 to 5 p.m.) Visit with a group of outers in a 1920s demonstration camp. Here, in the woodsmoke, Kephart’s camping and woodcraft skills come to life in their proper setting, the Backcountry Farm of the Schiele Museum in Gastonia, NC. Saturday, May 21st (10 am to 4 […]

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Battle of the Stoves

In my opinion, there is nothing better than cooking outside in the backcountry. Nothing goes better with a good cup of coffee, sitting next to a flowing creek, listening to the sound of nature, and soaking in the majesty that is God’s country than a meal cooked afield. Cooking afield always tastes better no matter […]

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Solo Stove (a review)

We were contacted by Solo Stoves and asked to do an honest review on their Solo Stove Lite and the Pot that they sell for the stove. Being that I have cooked in the outdoors for decades, I was very excited to test out new gear. I am always looking for great made gear at […]

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Steven M Watts

Steve Watts Remembrance April 10th

Sunday, April 10th from 1 to 5 pm. Schiele Museum of Natural History 1500 East Garrison Boulevard Gastonia, NC 28054

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The lake at Wyndygoul.

Steven Miles Watts

1947 – 2016 The thoughtful man that Steve was, he called me right after he saw the photo below just to tell say how much he loved the trip we took together and especially that photo. The trip was an incredible visit to the Camp Fire Club of America, Dan Beard’s resting place, Bear Mountain […]

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Hands starting to cup the fragile flame of a split paper match.

Homage to the Split Paper Match

Early on in a 7-day class taught by Cody Lundin, myself and two other fellas learned for the first time how to split a paper match. My initial thought was this is a “just in case” solution should a resource become limited, i.e., two fires from one match. Little did we know there was much more to […]

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Bushcraft: The Case for Canvas

GET OVER YOUR GORE-TEX March 02, 2016 By Darren Bush In 1969, chemist Bill Gore took some polytetrafluoroethylene, heated it and stretched it, creating a membrane that had 14 million microscopic holes per square inch. The holes were large enough to let water molecules escape, but too small to let liquid water through. Waterproof breathable […]

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