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This site is about putting you in touch with information from folks that have gone and done it! In fact, we’d like to see you in the field with those folks if you aren’t one of them already. Because at Master Woodsman, its all about the sharing of knowledge from reputable sources.


This site is inclusionary to ALL Outdoor Living Skills. Check out the individual sections of Primitive Skills, Classic Camping, Wilderness Survival, and Homespun for information on each discipline.

Training – one of the caveats of a true Master Woodsman is they make their livelihood in the field. Think about how good you are at your job doing it day in and day out. That’s how good a full-time instructor of Outdoor Living Skills is in their job. If you have not trained with a professional before, check our listings, chances are there is a reputable school near you.  Depending on the skill being taught, this could save you months or more in dirt time. It may even save your life; think what you will save your family in funeral costs alone, not to mention their grief. Training is an investment!

Resources – looking for a good bushcraft book?  We have one of the best outdoor bibliographies on the web. How about online resources?  Websites, Forums, Blogs, Mobile Apps… we got the good ones listed for you to visit and check out.  And because plants are an integral part of a Woodsman’s knowledge, we have a whole page dedicated to online resources for the Flora of North America.

Events – Want to test drive an instructor?  How about get the most ‘bang for your buck’ when training? Symposiums, Events, and Gatherings are great places to learn. They can also be an affordable way to train, as they provide a congregation of known Master Woodsmen. Not only are these events great for the novice, they are great for the expert as they provide opportunities for sharing.  We have the good ones listed chronologically for you.

Blog – While you will see some great articles on here from folks who make their livelihood in the industry. ALL readers are encouraged to send in articles. As there is a lot of misinformation coming via the World Wide Web, there is not automatic posting at this site. We will try to post topics that are relevant. Relevancy may be due to the skill, perspective, season, region, relation to other posts, etc. We will do everything we can to share quality information at MasterWoodsman.com. If you think you maybe interested in writing an article for Master Woodsman, please go HERE.


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There is little original thought from us on this site. It is a collection of information from those that have gone and done it. To them, our ancestors, and above all God, from which these skills come, THANK YOU.

Christian Noble:  I offer my sincerest gratitude and greatest appreciation to my family… you have tolerated my alone-time to far-off lands and nearby forests, being drug off-trail way too many times, usually with wet-feet or in steep mountains… you have endured my quirky inquisitiveness for nature, time and again… I am the luckiest fellow on Earth to have Emerson and Duncan follow literally in my footsteps. My prayer is you take some of what I have to give and make your own path.

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