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Brandon Jacobs grew up in central Kansas in a rural community. Helping on the family farm as a kid, he spent a lot of time in the outdoors. His father and grandfather got him started in trapping and hunting at a young age and he continues to enjoy both today.

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How to Clean a Snapping Turtle

I was down on the creek fishing a few weeks ago and what did my wondering eyes see? Yep, a snapping turtle trying to hurry and get to deeper water because he knew he had been spotted. I didn’t bother jumping down the bank and grabbing him this time but I usually do that once […]

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Tony Nester

Modern Hunter-Gatherer

The Modern Hunter-Gatherer by Tony Nester A Book Review by Brandon Jacobs The subject of hunter-gatherer is an interest for many people, including myself.  The idea of using the land for most or more of one’s resources is very intriguing.  There are many different regions, ways of life, ways of thinking, and just sheer differences […]

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George scanning the water’s edge for signs of activity. No matter how good your set is, you’ll never catch anything if there are no animals in the area you are trapping.

Trapping with George Michaud

Trapping has a long history in this nation. It was not only a way of life for most; it was also a necessity in terms of procuring meat to make it through long journeys. It is safe to say that for most people nowadays trapping is only something heard about and most don’t really understand […]

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George Michaud's kit "on the table."  Pistol, Large Custom Fixed Blade, Leather Pouch all on a leather belt so its with him always when trapping.

George Michaud’s Survival Kit by Brandon Jacobs

It’s no secret that spending any amount of time in the woods requires some gear, whether it’s for an intended task or just there in case of an emergency. George’s time in the outdoors is no exception. Running a trapline in the Teton Mountains requires a certain amount of gear to spend any length of […]

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