These books about outdoor living skills, primitive skills, homesteading, wilderness survival, and camping are the best resource on the interwebs.  🙂  Well, as good as we’ve found!  So no matter whether you’re looking for, you’ll likely find a free download or a hard copy to purchase and read over and over again!  Knowledge is power!

“Books are but stepping stones to show you where other minds have been.”
– JOHN MUIR, US naturalist, 1838—1914

Book TitleAuthor NameYear PublishedDownloadablePurchase
98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass AliveLundin, Cody2003N/A
A Cook On The Wild SideFearnley-Whittingstall, Hugh1997N/ABuy This Book
A Field Guide To Animal TracksMurie, Olaus1954N/ABuy This Book
A Field Guide To Mammal Tracking in North AmericaHalfpenny, James1986N/ABuy This Book
A Refernce Guide to Medicinal Plants: Herbal Medicine Past and PresentCrellin and Philpott1989N/ABuy This Book
Adrift: Seventy-six Days Lost at SeaCallahan, Steven2002N/ABuy This Book
Arctic ManualStefansson, Vihjalmur1913N/AN/A
Axe Manual of Peter McLarenMcLaren, Peter1929Download NowN/A
Basic BlacksmithingHarries, David and Bernhard Heer1993N/ABuy This Book
Being Your Own Wilderness DoctorKodet, Dr. E. Russel1972N/ABuy This Book
Blue Mountain BuckskinRiggs, Jim1979N/ABuy This Book
Botany in a DayElpel, Thomas J.2004N/ABuy This Book
Bungalows, Camps and Mountain HousesComstock, W.T.1908Download NowN/A
Bush ArtsKochanski, Mors1989N/ABuy This Book
BushcraftGraves, Richard1978N/AN/A
BushcraftKochanski, Mors1987N/A
Bushcraft How to Live In The Jungle And BushGraves, Richard (Wontolla)1944N/ABuy This Book
Bushcraft Skills and How To Survive In The WildAkkermans, Anthonio2007N/ABuy This Book
Cache Lake CountryRowlands, John J.1947N/ABuy This Book
Camp and TrailWhite, Stewart Edward1907Download NowBuy This Book
Camp CookeryKepharrt, Horace1910Download NowBuy This Book
Camp Craft: Modern Practice and EquipmentMiller, Warren Hastings1915Download NowBuy This Book
Camp Kits and Camp LifeHanks, Charles Stedman1906Download NowBuy This Book
Camp Life in the Woods and the Tricks of Trapping and Trap MakingGibson, W. Hamilton1882Download NowBuy This Book
Camp-Lore and WoodcraftBeard, Daniel Carter1920N/A
Campers' Guide to Woodcraft and Outdoor LifeHenderson, Luis M.1972N/ABuy This Book
CampingLockwin, Alexandra G.1911Download NowN/A
Camping and Camp OutfitsShields, George O.1889Download NowBuy This Book
Camp and Outing ActivitiesCheley, F.H. and G. Cornelius Baker1915Download NowBuy This Book
Camping and WoodcraftKepharrt, Horace1917N/A
Camping for BoysGibson, Henry William1911Download NowBuy This Book
Camping in the Old StyleWescott, David2000N/A
Camping OutMiller, Warren Hastings1918Download NowN/A
Camps in the RockiesBaillie-Grohman, William Adolf1882Download NowBuy This Book
Canoe and Camp CookerySoule, Henry H. (Seneca)1885Download NowBuy This Book
Canoeing and CampingCruikshank, James A.1915Download NowBuy This Book
Country WoodcraftLangsner, Drew1978N/ABuy This Book
Culpeper's Herbal RemediesCulpepper, Nicholas1816Download NowBuy This Book
Deadfalls and Snares (Illustrated Edition from 1906)Harding, A.R.2011N/ABuy This Book
Deep SurvivalGonzales, Laurence2004N/ABuy This Book
Desert Survival SkillsAlloway, David2000N/ABuy This Book
Desert Survival Tips, Tricks & SkillsNester, Tony2003N/ABuy This Book
Ditch MedicineCoffee, Hugh1993N/ABuy This Book
Down But Not OutRoyal Canadian Air Force1965N/AN/A
Earth Knack; Stone Age Skills for the 21st CenturyBlankenship, Robin and Bart Blankenship1996N/ABuy This Book
Eddie McGee's Complete Book of SurvivalMcGee, Eddie1988N/ABuy This Book
Edible Wild Plants; A North American GuideElias & Dykeman1982N/A
Emergency NavigationBurch, David1989N/ABuy This Book
Essential BushcraftMears, Ray2003N/ABuy This Book
Field Guide To Edible Wild PlantsAngier, Bradford1974N/ABuy This Book
Finding Your Way Without Map or CompassGatty, Harold1999N/ABuy This Book
Forest Plants of the Southeast and Their Wildlife UsesMiller, James; Kark Miller1999N/ABuy This Book
Handbook for BoysBoy Scouts of America1912Download NowN/A
Handbook of Knots and SplicesGibson, Charles1995N/ABuy This Book
Harper's Camping and ScoutingGrinnell George Bird and Eugene La Forrest Swan1911Download NowBuy This Book
Hints for Camping and Walking: How to Camp OutGould, John Mead1877Download NowBuy This Book
Home Manufacture of Furs and SkinsFarnham, Albert S.1890N/ABuy This Book
Home Tanning and Leather Making GuideFarnham, Albert S.1922N/ABuy This Book
How to Stay Alive in the WoodsAngier, Bradford1962N/ABuy This Book
Hunting with a Bow and ArrowPope, Saxton1947N/ABuy This Book
Indian FishingStewart, Hilary1994N/ABuy This Book
Indian Herbalogy of North AmericaHutchens, Alma R.1973N/ABuy This Book
Into The Primitive: Advanced Trapping TechniquesMartin, Dale1989N/ABuy This Book
Knife MakingBergman, Bo1997N/ABuy This Book
Knowledge of the AncestorsLeech, Ryan2008N/ABuy This Book
Life at the Extremes: The Science of SurvivalAshcroft, Frances2002N/A
Living Off the Land: A Manual of BushcraftAustrailian Army Education Service1944N/ABuy This Book
Log Cabins and Cottages: How to Build and Furnish ThemWicks, William S. and William A. Bruette1908Download NowBuy This Book
Manual of the Vascular Flora of the CarolinasRadford, Ahles, Bell1964N/ABuy This Book
MountaineeringDenton, Clinton Thomas1892Download NowN/A
MountaineeringWilson, Claude1893Download NowN/A
Mountaineering ArtRaeburn, Harold1920Download NowBuy This Book
Mountainman Crafts and SkillsMontgomery, David2008N/ABuy This Book
Nature's Garden; A Guide to Identifying, Harvesting, and Preparing Edible Wild PlantsThayer, Samuel2010N/A
New Ideas for Out of Doors; The Field and Forest Handy BookBeard, Daniel Carter1906Download NowN/A
New Way of the Wilderness: The Classic Guide to Survival in the WildRutstrum, Calvin1958N/ABuy This Book
Northern BushcraftKochanski, Mors1989N/A
On the Trail; An Outdoor Book for GirlsBeard, Lina and Adelia Belle Beard1915Download NowN/A
On Your Own in the WildernessWhelen, (Col.) Townsend1965N/ABuy This Book
Outdoor Survival SkillsOlsen, Larry Dean1967N/A
The Outdoor Survival HandbookMears, Ray1993N/ABuy This Book
Outdor Life and Indian StoriesEllis, Edward Sylvester1912Download NowBuy This Book
Paradise Below Zero: The Classic Guide to Winter CampingRutstrum, Calvin2000N/ABuy This Book
Participating in NatureElpel, Thomas J.1992N/A
Passport to Survival: Four Foods and More to Use and StoreDickey, Esther1974N/ABuy This Book
Performing in Extreme EnvironmentsArmstrong, Lawrence E.1999N/ABuy This Book
Plants of the Cherokee (manuscript from the 1950s)Banks Jr., William H.2004N/ABuy This Book
Practical Hints on CampingHenderson, Howard1882Download NowBuy This Book
Practicing Primitive: A Handbook of Aboriginal SkillsWatts, Steve2005N/A
Primitive Living & Survival SkillsMcPherson, John & Geri1993N/ABuy This Book
Primitive Outdoor SkillsJamison, Richard L.1999N/ABuy This Book
Woodsmoke: Collected Writings on Ancient Living SkillsJamison, Richard L.1997N/ABuy This Book
Primitive Technology 2: Ancestral SkillsWescott, David (ed.)2001N/ABuy This Book
Primitive Technology: A Book of Earth SkillsWescott, David (ed.)1999N/A
Primitive Wildernes Skills, Applied & AdvancedMcPherson, John & Geri2001N/ABuy This Book
Ranger Medical HandbookUS Army Special Operations Command
Roughing it EasyThomas, Dian1974N/ABuy This Book
Roughing it Easy 2Thomas, Dian1977N/ABuy This Book
Roughing it with Boys: Summer and Winter Camps in MaineHinckley, George W.1913Download NowBuy This Book
Shelter, Shacks, and ShantiesBeard, Daniel Carter1914Download NowBuy This Book
Staying Alive! 117 Days AdriftBailey, Maurice and Maralyn1974N/ABuy This Book
Summer in the Girls' CampCoale, Anna Worthington1919Download NowN/A
SurvivalJanowsky, Chris & Gretchen1989N/ABuy This Book
Survival Arts of the Primitive PaiutesWheat, Margaret M.1977N/ABuy This Book
Survival PsychologyLeach, John1994N/AN/A
Survival Skills of Native CaliforniaCampbell, Paul D.1999N/ABuy This Book
Survival Skills of the North American IndiansGoodchild, Peter1999N/ABuy This Book
Survival Wisdom & Know HowStackpole Books (editors)2007N/ABuy This Book
Surviving the Extremes: A Doctor's Journey to the Limits of Human EnduranceKamler, Kenneth2004N/ABuy This Book
Teknologi Kampungan: A Collection of Indigenous Indonesian TechnologiesThorburn, Craig1982N/ABuy This Book
The American Boy's Handbook of Camp-Lore and WoodcraftBeard, Daniel Carter1920Download NowN/A
The Basic Essentials of Desert SurvivalGanci, Dave1991N/ABuy This Book
The Best of WoodsmokeJamison, Richard L.1982N/ABuy This Book
The Book of SurvivalGreenbank, Anthony2003N/ABuy This Book
The Book of WoodcraftSeton, Ernest Thompson1921N/ABuy This Book
The Book of Woodcraft and Indian LoreSeton, Ernest Thompson1921Download NowN/A
The Boy Scout's Hike BookCave, Edward1913Download NowN/A
The Boy's Book of Hunting and FishingMiller, Warren Hastings1916Download NowBuy This Book
The Bushman's HandbookLindsay, Harold Arthur1976N/AN/A
The Camper's HandbookHolding, Thomas Hiram1908Download NowN/A
The Camper's Own BookBryan, George Sands and Harry C. Phibbs1913Download NowBuy This Book
The CanoePinkerton, Robert1914Download NowBuy This Book
The Complete Book of Heating with WoodGay, Larry1974Download NowBuy This Book
The Complete Snow Campers GuideBridge, Raymond1973N/ABuy This Book
The Complete Trees of North America; Field Guide and Natural HistoryElias, Thomas S.1980N/ABuy This Book
The Foraging Spectrum: Diversity in Hunter-Gatherer LifewaysKelly, Robert L.2007N/ABuy This Book
The Complete WoodsmanProvencher, Paul1974N/AN/A
The Forester's Manual: Or, The Forest Trees of Eastern North AmericaSeton, Ernest Thompson1912Download NowBuy This Book
The Modern Hunter-Gatherer: A Practical Guide to Living Off The LandNester, Tony2009N/ABuy This Book
The Natural NavigatorGooley, Tristan2012N/ABuy This Book
The Official Handbook for BoysBoy Scouts of America1920Download NowBuy This Book
The S.A.S. Survival HandbookWiseman, John 'Lofty'1986N/A
The Sportsman's WorkshopMiller, Warren Hastings1921Download NowThe Sportsman's Workshop
The Trappers Bible: Traps, Snares & PathgaurdsMartin, Dale1987N/A
The Ultimate Desert HandbookJohnson, Mark2003N/ABuy This Book
The Way of the Woods: A Manual for Sportsmen in Northeastern U.S.Breck, Edward1908Download NowBuy This Book
The Wilderness HandbookPetzoldt, Paul1974N/ABuy This Book
The Wilderness Route Finder: The Classic Guide to Finding Your Way in the WIldRutstrum, Calvin1967N/ABuy This Book
The Winter Wilderness Companion: Traditional and Native American Skills for the Undiscovered SeasonConover, Garrett & Alexandra2000N/ABuy This Book
The Woodcraft Manual for BoysSeton, Ernest Thompson1917Download NowBuy This Book
Two Little Savages; A Book of American Woodcraft for BoysSeton, Ernest Thompson1903Download NowN/A
When All Hell Breaks LooseLundin, Cody2007N/A
Wild Animals I Have KnownSeton, Ernest Thompson1912Download NowN/A
Wilderness Canoeing and CampingJacobson, Cliff1977N/ABuy This Book
Wilderness First Responder (NOLS)Tilton, Buck1998N/ABuy This Book
Wilderness Survival GuideAlford, Monty1987N/ABuy This Book
Wildwood WisdomEllsworth, Jaeger1945N/A
Winter: An Ecological HandbookHalfpenny, James and Roy Ozanne1989N/ABuy This Book
Winter Wise: Travel and Survival in Ice and SnowAlford, Montague 'Monty'1999N/ABuy This Book
Woodcraft (First Edition)Sears, George W. (Nessmuk)1884Download NowN/A
Woodcraft and Indian LoreSeton, Ernest Thompson1930N/ABuy This Book
WoodsmanshipMason, Bernard S.1945Download NowN/A
Mountain Medicine: The Herbal Remedies of Tommie BassPatton, Darryl2004N/ABuy This Book