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“You become what you think about all day long.”
– RALPH WALDO EMERSON, US essayist, 1803—82

Below is a list of online resources of which we are not paid by or affiliated in anyway other than being a general user ourselves.  Obviously the World Wide Web is full of outdoor information, so if you have a recommendation to add to the list, please contact us.

Forums, Websites and Blogs ‘can’ be a good source of information.  Forums especially, offer a great way to feel a part of a like-minded community and even connect in the field with others in your area.

Remember, there are no short-cuts to field experience and you can’t get field experience while you are online.  So consider the source, weed through the content, and get in the field.



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Mobile Apps
For numerous reasons you already know because you found Master Woodsman, we begrudgingly have this category.  Mobile devices are fragile, complex electronic devices relying on a battery and depending on the solution, rely on a network.  Nonetheless, almost everyone has a smartphone these days, batteries are getting better, pocket and solar chargers exist, autonomous GPS chipsets exist, and network coverage is ever expanding.  Below are a list of smartphone apps which download to your phone for off-network use.  Links are for Android – over 70% of the smartphones globally are Android and if there is an Android version, there is likely an iOS version.  Finally, our thought process as it relates to the content of these Apps, sometimes it is better have something at your fingertips than nothing…


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