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Readers are encouraged to submit articles for posting. As there is a lot of misinformation coming via the World Wide Web, there is NOT automatic posting at this site.  We will try to post topics that are relevant. Relevancy may be due to the skill, context, season, region, relation to other posts, etc.


  • This site is inclusionary to outdoors skills.  Primitive to modern are all welcome topics including your trips/expeditions.
  • Keep it original.
  • Provide references including whom you may have learned a particular skill.
  • Provide the context – region, season, etc. As an example if referencing a plant; where can the reader find it, what time of year is it available, what part is used, method of preparation, look-a-like concerns, etc.
  • Videos, pictures, and accompanying downloads or files are welcome. However, we will be critical to the context, so get it in your video or supplement with an article if it is regional, seasonal, etc.
  • Include a bio! Want to send folks back to your blog or YouTube channel? Promote your school, book, or product? We want to help good people share good info. Let’s get it in your bio for the end of the article.


  • ALL writings sent to Master Woodsman.com must be original.
  • ANYONE sending articles and letters to MasterWoodsman.com grants its full use.
  • We reserve the right to reject or edit articles for language, grammar, rants, and more.
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I get quite a few emails from bloggers, advertisers, media inquiries, etc., looking for opportunities that have nothing to do with the outdoors. To help me filter them out and get to you, PLEASE let me know you are interested in the outdoors in your initial email. Email us your article suggestion directly to info@masterwoodsman.com.