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Cody Lundin explains the dangers of hyperthermia and hypothermia in his lecture about survival Tuesday night in the Smith Student Center Ballroom. He is the co-host of the Discovery Channel show Dual Survival and he has authored of two books.

Cody Lundin Shares Survival Tips with SRU Student Newspaper

An interview from the Slippery Rock University Student Newspaper with Cody Lundin.  Heads-up on a couple bad words if the kiddies are listening.  More than anything, posting this for one of Lundin’s perspectives on ‘survival’ television;  AND, why we like and list proven survival schools at this site, including Cody’s. Kudos to Slippery Rock University […]

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Jack Mountain Bushcraft School Bibliography by Tim Smith

Naturalist John Muir said, “Books are but stepping stones to show you where other minds have been.” When it comes to outdoor living skills, books are a great way to take advantage of a Master Woodsman’s experience and see “where their mind has been.” We have worked hard to put together an extensive bibliography at Master […]

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Flower Pot Mtn


This is the first hand account of a group of survivors captured by Indians before the West was open and safe.  The journal as well as other documents were compiled by Nellie Snyder Yost and were published as the book titled ‘Medicine Lodge: The story of a Kansas frontier town.’  The ISBN is 0-8040-0199-5.  I’ve […]

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Yellowstone Bison

Every Day is Earth Day for a Master Woodsman

Today, April 22, 2013 is a good day to remind all of us who spend time in the outdoors, that EVERY day is Earth Day.  Not just today. As woodsmen who have an ecological knowledge of our surrounding environment, we should be the truest of conservationists.  Please note that I referenced ‘conservation’ and not the […]

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Traditional Camping And The Environmental Ethic: Trail Food For Thought by Steven M. Watts

By Steven M. Watts 2004 All human activity results in environmental impact. Every step and every breath leaves a trace of our passing. The modern camper/backpacker/outdoor enthusiast relies on gear manufactured in the far-flung corners of the globe. It is then delivered by train, plane, ship or truck—powered by gasoline, diesel or jet fuel. He […]

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Charlie Chaplin – Gypsy Jack’s Camping Journal

Charlie Chaplin “Charlie is a rich, famous, arrogant, borderline genius…I like him anyway.  We first met in 1914.  His star was just then breaking on the far horizon.   I got introduced to him in a beachside diner by an old Montana horse wrangler pal of mine who was working in the moving picture business at […]

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I have never been in the presence of anyone else who has made and used a fatwood candle before.  In my limited # of samples depending on conditions, I get 5 to 10 minutes burn time.

Firestarters: Fatwood

When I got out of college back in the 90’s, I thought I had the best job in the world as a ‘dirt’ forester.  Responsible for all land management activities on 100K acres, I spent over half my time in the field cruising timber, mapping, writing management prescriptions for reforestation, prescribed burning, and more… Then […]

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Tim Smith

Adaptation – No Sleeping Bag Winter Trip by Tim Smith, Registered Master Maine Guide

February 2002. I had been up late packing food and gear for our 10-day snowshoe trip in the mountains along the Maine and Quebec border, and after driving four hours to the trail head I was feeling tired and groggy despite 2 cups of coffee. The temperature had warmed throughout the morning, rising to near […]

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Bandanas (neckerchief), cloth in general, have many uses.  Put it in your survival kit and you’ll use it all the time.  Here are just a few of the top uses for the Woodsman… Signal Scarf Dust mask Hood (page 131 Camping & Woodcraft, Horace Kephart) Emergency rope Bandage Sling Tourniquet Water filter Sponge (dew collection) […]

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Camping On A Budget

Camping Gear On A Budget: The Do’s and Don’ts

Camping gear costs thousands of dollars for products, that if used enough, are going to fail when you least expect it. Let the hedgerow campers spend all that money on survival gear they don’t need. You’re here because you are camping on a budget. I know.  I’ve had no money and the desire to do […]

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The S’moreo

The first time I heard about this too good to be true treat was from Cody Lundin… he claimed to come up with idea, the S’moreo that is — and I am not one to argue having known him for many years now, I simply believe. It was yet another one of those times I […]

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Gypsy Jack’s Camping Journal ~ old Kep

“Jack London told me years ago that a steady diet of train smoke and canned beans will kill you.  It was time to get off the road for a while.  I had a well worn hat and a fully stocked bindle.  What I needed now was a hot bath and a square meal– served up […]

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Join the Kneel Diamond Fan Club

Sweet Caroline… Bohm, Bohm, Bohmmmm…. Good times never seemed so good… Wait, that’s Neil Diamond.  I am talking about KNEEL Diamond! Wish I could remember the name of the fellow that taught me this trick.  I am almost certain he was on the BOSS staff. Very simply, to increase the oxygen to your campfire, make […]

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