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Sweet Caroline… Bohm, Bohm, Bohmmmm…. Good times never seemed so good…

Wait, that’s Neil Diamond.  I am talking about KNEEL Diamond!

Wish I could remember the name of the fellow that taught me this trick.  I am almost certain he was on the BOSS staff.

Very simply, to increase the oxygen to your campfire, make a diamond shape with your index finger and thumbs, hold up to your lips, and blow.  This is usually done when kneeling, hence…  Kneel Diamond.

So easy even a child can do it!

So easy even a child can do it!

Your breath will be concentrated and you will have some directional control, so you can do this from a greater distance than just blowing normally.

So easy a child can do it!  Distance slightly exaggerated!

Distance slightly exaggerated!

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Chris Noble is the founder of and Woodsmoke Camping Company. A Master Naturalist, he holds a Bachelor of Science in Forestry and has worked as a Registered Forester and Certified Burn Manager in several states. Chris is also a Wilderness First Responder and since the late 90’s has been “practicing primitive” skills and taking lessons from numerous Master Woodsmen throughout North America. An advocate for Conservation, teacher of Wilderness Living Skills, and happily married, he enjoys passing what he has learned thus far to others, especially his 2 children, Emerson and Duncan.


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