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Mors Kochanski on Pots

Mors Kochanski on Pots

The video below came out from Karamat Wilderness Ways on YouTube today.  In 12 short minutes, Mors Kochanski reviewed several pots covering benefits, uses and more… Would have loved to hear more about the Roman Legionnaires.  Mors is a huge student of history adding pieces of lost knowledge he finds to his instruction.  A true blessing […]

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Winter; An Ecological Handbook (book review)

Winter; An Ecological Handbook (book review)

With cool temperatures descending upon us and winter around the corner, I have a book suggestion for you.  Winter; An Ecological Handbook by Dr. James Halfpenny and Roy Ozanne. In a nutshell, the book is an overview about the current knowledge of winter.  Think college text on ecology – you’ve been warned. However, for the […]

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Harvesting the inner bark of White Pine for food and/or medicine of which participants got a sample.

Primitive Survival Skills in the 21st Century by Mark Warren (5 of 6)

If you missed Parts 1 thru 4, start right HERE. The Lost Instinct of Knowing What to Eat ~ edibles in the wild ~ Have you ever heard that old adage: watch what the animals eat and you’ll know what to eat, too? Well, forget it. It’s simply not true. The fact is that there was […]

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George scanning the water’s edge for signs of activity. No matter how good your set is, you’ll never catch anything if there are no animals in the area you are trapping.

Trapping with George Michaud

Trapping has a long history in this nation. It was not only a way of life for most; it was also a necessity in terms of procuring meat to make it through long journeys. It is safe to say that for most people nowadays trapping is only something heard about and most don’t really understand […]

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Bowmaking with Joe Dabill

Bowmaking with Joe Dabill

I had the privilege of taking Joe Dabill’s Bowmaking course at Rabbitstick 2013.  It was a great opportunity for an absolute beginner like myself to actually go through the steps under Joe’s guidance. We talked at length about Ishi and other influences, wood types, personal preferences, arrow making and more.  It was great to see […]

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Hiking With The Budda - Gypsy Jack's Camping Journal

Hiking With The Budda – Gypsy Jack’s Camping Journal

Hiking With The Buddha (1918) From: Gypsy Jack’s Camping Journal I first met the Buddha on a lonesome trail north of Taos. He smelled of wood smoke and jasmine. His pack overflowed with fresh fruit, deer antlers, Indian silks, and a bundle of twisted sticks. He wore a Chinese hat, no shirt, khaki pants and […]

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Primitive Survival Skills in the 21st Century by Mark Warren (4 of 6)

If you missed Part 1, 2, or 3 start right HERE. A Light in the Forest ~ seeking the company of Fire ~ On the list of what to do in an emergency wilderness survival situation, building a fire is often assigned a low priority by survival experts. Here in the Southern Appalachians, two factors have […]

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Richard Bell teaching knots.

Primitive Skills Day at Chattahoochee Nature Center by Richard Bell

As a volunteer Naturalist at the Chattahoochee Nature Center in Roswell Georgia, I often incorporate a bit of primitive skills and knowledge into my interpretive hikes. When we walk along the river boardwalk trail, I may point out how the indigenous Cherokee or Creek would have used Black Willow as a headache remedy and materials […]

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Crater Lake.  Photo:  Christian Noble

The Woodsman “Zone”

We are all familiar with the term “The Zone”, usually as it relates to sports. Also known as The Flow in western society, it is a well documented psychological event in which many positive things can happen (more on that later). For athletes, or anyone doing menial labor for that matter, the Zone is usually the synthesis […]

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George Michaud's kit "on the table."  Pistol, Large Custom Fixed Blade, Leather Pouch all on a leather belt so its with him always when trapping.

George Michaud’s Survival Kit by Brandon Jacobs

It’s no secret that spending any amount of time in the woods requires some gear, whether it’s for an intended task or just there in case of an emergency. George’s time in the outdoors is no exception. Running a trapline in the Teton Mountains requires a certain amount of gear to spend any length of […]

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