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Photo 3 - cairn

Instinctive Navigation: Keeping the ‘Dead’ out of Dead Reckoning by Patrick Farneman

As a child it amazed me the way my father could navigate in the woods.  It also amazed me that he could go the whole day without having to go to the bathroom, but that is another story!  We could head out on a trip, whether for a few hours or a few days, with […]

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North Columbia Knap-In October 10th – 12th

What’s a Knap-In? A Knap-In is a gathering of flintknappers – people who make arrowheads, spear points, knife blades and such from suitable stone, glass or other material. There is more offered than just breaking rocks; there are other primitive skills demonstrated and there are often competitions in various primitive sports such as archery, atl […]

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Firebombs ready for use.

‘Firebomb’ Firestarters

Firebombs, at least the ones I make, are not bombs.  They have a similar shape to a stick of dynamite, so I guess that’s how they got the name.  Nonetheless, they do make an excellent firestarter in the home and the woods. I actually started making these many years ago as gifts to friends for their fireplaces […]

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How To Make a Classic Camping Style Knife Sheath

If you have an hour and would like to know how to build a BSA style clone sheath, this video is for you.  This isn’t as much a how-to as it is a follow along.  I break down each step taken to get the end result along with some of my thoughts on leathercraft and […]

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Squirrel Leaf Nest

Primitive Survival Skills in the 21st Century by Mark Warren (3 of 6)

If you missed Part 1 & 2, start right HERE. A Place to Rest My Cold, Cold Body ~ self-made shelter ~ The earth giveth. And the earth taketh away – especially when it comes to body heat. The cold ground saps a mammal of its precious warmth. When you need to stay overnight in […]

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Two years later the branch has healed over from where I harvested the inner bark in the video.  Do it ethically and with some forethought to minimize impact.

Trees You Should Know…

Willow Haven Outdoor has a great article posted on their website, 6 Trees Every Survivalist Should Know & Why. Here is their list, you’ll have to go their site for the why: White birch (paper birch) American Basswood White Pine White Oak Sugar Maple Willow Tree To supplement Creek Stewart’s article, here is a video […]

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Survivorman’s Secrets of Survival – a couple observations and a tangent on priorities

Survivorman’s Secrets of Survival T.V. show by Les Stroud caught my attention yesterday when I saw several bloggers posting about the first episode, Fire.  Why it caught my attention is several fold.  One, I have the deepest and utmost respect for this sacred element and know what it means for a woodsman.  And two, with Les […]

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Kansas' Biannual Gathering

Land of OZ 2013 Fall Gathering

October 11th – 13th 2013 KINGMAN LAKE 883-979 State Lake Rd Kingman, KS 67068 Food:  Everybody chips in.  It’s always something fantastic.  There may be a deer kill due to the early season and subsequent butchering.  Tasty venison!  We’ll reach out to Rusty the Chef too! Skill Building:  Every single event all the way back […]

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April 2013 in Smoky Mountain National Park.  Stream along Parson Branch Road which was once covered in shade by Hemlocks now gets full sun raising the temperature in this microclimate.

Primitive Survival Skills in the 21st Century by Mark Warren (2 of 6)

Hemlock, Gift Giver of the Standing People If you missed part 1, it’s right here 😉 The gifts of the forest are legion. Today those gifts are thought of as arcane anecdotes to a fast and furious culture disconnected from its environment. Just five centuries ago, the lore of plant foods and medicines and craft […]

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Permaculture can fix this!


But… It will also work on a small scale, say, your yard or land.  Own less than an acre?  No problemo.  This will work on the most basic of individual holdings to the Worldwide pandemic of desertification. Here’s the problem: Nobody really cares!  Heh, I bet you could care less what happens in some butt […]

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(Photo: Boston Globe)

New England sees a return of forest, wildlife

  Across New England, areas like the Swift River Valley (above, left, in the 1880s and in 2010) in Petersham have seen their forests, once cut down and cleared for farmland, replenished in the 21st century. From the aspect of green infrastructure in particular, I was delighted to see this article from the Boston Globe; New England […]

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Back To Eden Gardening Method

Back To Eden Gardening Method

The Back To Eden Gardening Method is a very basic one that only requires the composting component and wood chips.   *Note:  If you are offended by religion, turn away now.  This video is not for you.  The author reinforces simple compost gardening with Scripture from The Bible.  🙂 BACK TO EDEN shares the story of […]

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Jack Jugarie from The Human Race (Photo: Halls Creek Tourism, link in article)

The Human Race

The Human Race video below popped up on an internet forum earlier this week.  Many years ago I had seen this documentary about three gentlemen with different backgrounds making a 300+ mile race by foot across the Australian Outback with what they can carry.  Specifically, a German Survivalist in his early 60’s, an American marathon […]

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