Land of OZ 2013 Fall Gathering

Kansas' Biannual Gathering

Kansas’ Biannual Gathering

October 11th – 13th 2013


883-979 State Lake Rd
Kingman, KS 67068

Food:  Everybody chips in.  It’s always something fantastic.  There may be a deer kill due to the early season and subsequent butchering.  Tasty venison!  We’ll reach out to Rusty the Chef too!

Skill Building:  Every single event all the way back to the Original 7, there have been new skills learned.  We have fun doing it and as a result, relationships are formed.  Feel fee to share wisdom freely.  We all benefit.

Competition:  Often times there are competitions after skill building or for some sort of prize.

Prizes:  Drawing for a signed book!  Maybe more 😉

Trade Blanket:  There is always ongoing trade discussion and usually some transactions occur.  Bring cash if you want to purchase anything.  I plan on bringing the house!

Each gathering has grown larger than the last and this past spring was our biggest attendance to date.  There literally couldn’t be a more vast range of skills, backgrounds, and personalities so if you’re wondering about coming and fitting in, dont!  We had other visitors but they were gone by the time we got around to snapping a group shot.

Spring 2013 Meet

Spring 2013 Meet

There is also ongoing discussion and dialogue over here!'

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