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“I do not claim that my way is the only way, nor am I rash enough to claim it is the best way.  But it is my way, and if any one will follow it, he will be as comfortable and as well suited as I am, which is at least better than going it blind.”

I’ve really taken to heart, what the author has to say in his acclaimed 1910 book titled “Camp and Trail.”  SE White is talking about common sense in this chapter and I wonder why more people DON’T follow the advice of an experienced woodsman?  I propose they feel less like an individual if they were to “follow” someone else.  Also, this is a double bit axe.  While the first group of people needs to feel like individuals, therefore disregards useful information, the second group of people who are willing to follow often get led by an ass hat.  Not all the time, but it happens enough.

Here are two real life examples:

As an example, I’ve been on a woods loaf with a fellow that just didn’t heed ANY advice because it came from someone else.  Long story short, he was miserable!  He later admitted that he knew I was right, but stubborn pride got in the way.

Others still will try to impose their ideologies onto impressionable “followers.”  For example, another fellow told some kids to only use a piece of Mylar for an under quilt on a hammock in the dead of winter!  Just on the basis that he’d successfully gone out once with the item and it worked successfully once. (Although I’m skeptical it was a triumphant success.)

Not that I am some kind of loafing expert.  Far from it!  Actually, I fell into both crowds at different stages of development.  I had to get the scars and follow the dummies before I saw the light.

Sometimes your friends and family just have to go it blind before they are ready to “be as comfortable and as well suited as I am”.   ; )'

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