Red Hills in Kansas

There is a push for conservation in the Red Hills of Kansas.  To most people this is perhaps meaningless. To me it is home and it is where my heart is.  As such I’ll lend a hand in spreading the word to as many as will read it.   You see, there is no place like this in all of Kansas!  So sit back and enjoy this quick video on the conservation in the Red Hills of Kansas.

You’ll find it interesting that in one shot, they had to be on our land, 2 more were of our land from the road, and 1 where if the cameraman turns around, you’ll see our farm.   It’s not uncommon as it is technically a tourist attraction and every spring we see vehicles just parked alongside the dirt road, taking it all in.  I don’t blame them one bit!  🙂'

About Chad

Chad is a Native son of Medicine Lodge, Kansas. A founder of, he spends most of his time in "no man's land," NWOK wilderness!

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