Very good shelter building videos

I was cruising youtube one day for a specific demonstration and I almost didn’t find it anywhere.  Although I had this shelter option available to me in a few books including the SAS, this 7 part video series from a gentleman across the pond is a very well laid out construction from start to finish.  Something like this would work very well for an almost year round capability. Essentially this can be used in about any environment with the thatching being the only difference.  Heck just use a tarp if you desire.  The best part?  You can side sleep on a cot style bed more readily than in a hammock!  I know what you’re thinking but I promise you can make it through the series.  Very informative lean-to shelter with a raised cot bed and camp furniture.  You’ll also build your own tools if you’re following along!  ; )'

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Chad is a Native son of Medicine Lodge, Kansas. A founder of, he spends most of his time in "no man's land," NWOK wilderness!


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