Figure 4 Spring Snare by Alan Halcon of Dirt Time

When I saw the Spring Snare video below on the Dirt Time website I immediately reached out to Alan and asked if he would mind me posting this on Master Woodsman.  So here it is and kudos to great bunch of guys at Dirt Time.  Like us here, it’s all about the sharing.  Check them out if you haven’t already.


Alan Halcon is a former field Editor and Writer for Wilderness Way magazine (now defunct) and part owner of

For many years, he’s traveled the country and has trained others in Outdoor Self-Reliance and Wilderness Survival skills. he’s trained everyone from civilian, to scouts, to military personnel the skills they need to help keep them alive.

Currently, he holds the world record at starting a fire by rubbing sticks together.

Aside from being a survival instructor, Alan is also a Red Cross certified Wilderness First Aid instructor, basic first aid instructor, CPR and AED instructor and CERT Instructor.

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