The Woods Life

A couple years ago, David Wescott turned me on to a great blog about woodcraft and traditional camping, The Woods Life.  They have been in our Blog Roll under Online Resources ever since.

It is long overdue we point out some of the great articles over there.  And, as I have been studying Sleeping Bags lately, this is a great one to start with…

Today, outdoor folk depend on lightweight, efficient mummy shaped sleeping bags for a warm sleep.  Today’s mummy bags are truly a marvel.  Using high fill-power down, ultralight shell fabrics and advanced construction techniques, these light and lofty calorie trappers weigh less than four pounds and compress smaller than your pillow, yet are comfortable to well below 0°.  But what came before the modern mummy bag?  How did campers sleep comfortably in frigid conditions during the woodcraft age?

The rest of the article is HERE.

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