Piedmont Earthskills Gathering

“The mission of the Piedmont Earthskills Gathering is to provide a learning experience which empowers people through the development of skills and inspires a deep appreciation of inter-connectedness, cultural heritage, and ecological respect.”

That’s exactly what happened when I attended the Piedmont Earthskills Gathering.  Here is the video from the event.

I only got to spend one day at the 1st ever piedmont earth skills gathering. I got to learn about 7 different types of wood for friction fires, how to make slade and flint knives, using fire kiln pottery and how to stretch hides. Also covered: Bamboo bushcraft wares and other cool stuff. Once again, I am utterly enthralled with the level of research these guys have for their skills. They were able to present the material in a very interesting and informative way that made it easy to learn, and worked hands on with the students to make sure they understood their projects, and the context around it, well. Like Steve Watts said: “Without Context, its just arts and crafts”



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