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Mors_Bushcraft_BookNice article about Mors Kochanski at the blog Outdoor Readiness

Venerable bushcraft instructor Mors Kochanski is one of the most experienced outdoor skills instructors in North America. His specialty is northern forests, the boreal, all seasons. Kochanski bridged primitive and historical methods and skills (actual skills, not just descriptions of skills) into the 21st Century and commingles these treasures with limited modern technologies and social media.

Very few outdoor skills instructors have achieved Kochanski’s broad fluency in wilderness living and survival skills. Fewer still have achieved his fluency in instructional methods for the transfer of skills to novices. Kochanski has mastered instructor-craft

Instructor-craft highlight by me. See the rest of the article HERE.

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As an aside, here is a different perspective on Leave No Trace from what is linked in the suggested article.


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