Light Pollution

Light pollution. (Photo: NASA)

Light pollution. (Photo: NASA)

I savor the opportunities of a beautiful night sky simply because they have become so rare. While aesthetically pleasing, they are also healthier for the environment and people. This is especially true for women according to numerous studies, HERE is a link to one example.

Just getting away from unnatural light for a short time can be a benefit for your health…

Camping in the wilderness can do more than just give us an appreciation for nature. According to a study published in Current Biology, it can also synchronize our internal clocks to the solar day, allowing us to normalize melatonin levels.

Check out the rest of the article from Medical News Today HERE.

If you have any interest on the subject of Light Pollution, strongly suggest you watch this amateur video as it is very informative.

I suspect you will want to see where the dark skies are around you… If you search online for light pollution maps you will find quite a few. HERE is the best one I have found. You can move the map around as well as zoom in/out to see the World or down a small portion of a state, just give it a few seconds to load.  FYI, the lights in North Dakota are the Bakken Oil Fields.

A light pollution over time map is HERE.
Bortle Dark-Sky Scale — make sure to check out the Night Time Scene column.

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