In The News ~ Early December 2013


Dude, You're Screwed cast.  Photo: Discovery

Dude, You’re Screwed cast. Photo: Discovery

Dude, You’re Screwed
is a new Discovery T.V. show starting this Sunday, December 8th at 10 eastern.  One of the cast, Tom “Tomahawk” Moore, has shared his knowledge and travels on some popular internet forums over the years, so you may already be familiar with Moore.   Chad and I first met Tom in person at Woodsmoke;  needless to say, the guy is very knowledgable and a lot of fun.  Here is a Discovery video on Tomahawk.  I hope the T.V. gods do Tom justice.  If they don’t, we still have his amazing blog, one of the best ones out there (period!).   By the way, Tomahawk is an instructor with our good friend Tim Smith of the Jack Mountain Bushcraft School…

Tim Smith

Tim Smith

And speaking of Tim Smith and his school, USA Today just published an article on December 3rd; 12 survival schools that could save your life.  Of course the Jack Mountain Bushcraft School is listed and we whole heartily agree!  As you will see in the Master Woodsman directory of schools under Survival Training, we have a relationship, attended, and/or know by reputation several of the schools on their list.  We also have some other great schools they missed too.  We suggest you check them out.

A couple more updates…

The much anticipated second issue of the American Frontiersman magazine will hit newsstands around Dec. 17th.  Harris Publications did a great job on the first issue.  With the authors they have lined up and what they have done with their New Pioneer magazine, the second issue should be even better.  🙂



Master Woodsman Mors Kochanski

Master Woodsman Mors Kochanski

Karamat Wilderness Ways has several new eBooks available by Mors Kochanski.  Ordering these today myself…

  • Breaking The Chain of Contagion; Your Survival May Depend On It
  • Stovemanship
  • The Lean-To And It’s Variants Used In Survival And Bush Bough Beds
  • Fire Skills For Northern Forests
  • Fire Use in Northern Forest Survival
  • The Super Shelter


There is a new WND TV show called Survival Tips.  Hadn’t seen it yet, still trying to figure out WND, passing along as an FYI.  Here is the trailer…

And finally, if you hadn’t seen the class announcements for Kamp Kephart, you better check them out now and register quickly if interested — they fill up very fast.


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